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24 October 1978
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I play dirk__gently and 1stmacleod on dear_multiverse, but I have more OC's than you can... handle. Or something. Since they don't seem to go over well in LJ RP, I'm keeping them to my always-works-in-progress comics and stuff. I was into world creation before I knew there was a name for it, and my monster of a world is called Arraka'ar. I have other worlds, but that's the one that currently takes up half a dozen binders of stories and artwork. I'm more of an artist than a writer, and I've at least dabbled in just about anything artistic you could possibly name except oil painting.
The most important people in my life are the_wugglyump, shadowtricker, and morripede.

I don't have any kind of messaging thing. Then people would try to talk to me all the time.